Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rally for Real Pizza with Freschetta!!

In my busy days, I tend to toss frozen pizzas in the freezer to keep on hand for when I just don't have it in me to cook a big meal. I'm picky when it comes down to it though and love to find the best ones for my family. I can't stand the frozen pizza that has the consistency and tastes like cardboard. What's the point? You just can't enjoy that kind of pizza. One of the trusted brands that I turn to is Freschetta!!

Frozen pizza shouldn't simply taste better. It should be better. Freschetta®frozen pizzas are made with top-quality ingredients and taste-tested recipes, just to make sure your pizza will always deliver Fresch® flavor.

You too can Rally for Real Pizza by joining Freschetta on Facebook!! Submit your photo to their mosaic and have a chance to win FREE FRESCHETTA PIZZAS!! There are 100 winners per week to win 5 free Freschetta pizzas, and on March 30th 10 more winners will be drawn to win Freschetta pizzas for a year!! Try your luck!!

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