Sunday, September 28, 2008

Out of Control kids?

Are your kids out of control or do you need help managing your household? Maybe you just want to be on tv? Nanny 911 is casting for the NY, NJ and CT areas!! Casting ends Oct. 24th so get your tapes into them!!

With that said... I don't believe that my children are out of control. I think that I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful 4 year old who listens pretty well and is very polite and considerate to others. And what can I really say about a 5 week old? I could hardly classify any 5 week old as out of control. Its me who has the problem I think. I know with Boug I expect a lot out of her. I hold her to a very high standard and I am constantly reminding myself that she's only 4 years old. There's a lot that I think that she knows that she should or shouldn't be doing, but she's 4, she doesn't know these things. I have to remind myself to allow her to be a child, to run, play and act like a complete fool. That's her JOB.


Nicole Feliciano September 28, 2008 at 3:23 PM  

Thanks for stopping by Momtrends. I know some families I'd like to submit to the Nanny 911. I guess you can't ambush neighbors :)

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