Sunday, September 28, 2008

Its very very late and I'm awake!!

Its after midnight, I got NO sleep last night between the baby who's up every 4 hours or so and my poor husband with his horrible horrible toothache. I had to pull some strings with some family who work at a dentist office to get him in there first thing this morning. Here's the lesson to be learned kiddos, always brush your teeth, don't abuse them. They will rot the hell out of your head and you'll be crying!! He didn't take the best care of his teeth and now they are going to pull a whole bunch of them and he's going to have to get partial dentures. Sheesh, he's only 30!! I suppose its better than living with tooth pain though. I spent quite some time looking up home remedies for tooth pain, and the good ones, of course I didn't have the stuff on hand. He got stuck trying to stuff the whole in his tooth with pepper, rinsing with a baking powder solution and putting a garlic and salt mix onto it. I torture the man, I swear.

With that said, here I am, going through all my favorite blogs and checking out giveaways!!

I blogged a few days ago about peek-a-boo paperie and the wonderful job that they did with my sons announcements... well check it out... they're at it again! Kid Buy Products is doing a peek-a-boo paperie giveaway for 40 cards!! Enter by midnight 9/29!!

The Write Gal is giving away your choice from Appledonia's Etsy shop!

Win your choice of tutu, blanket or mommy calling cards from Parent Reviewers.

Momsational is giving away Sleeping Beauty 50th Anniversary Edition!

Thanks for the giveaways, and thanks for dentists, and thank God for the little bit of me time I get to myself to write this blog!!


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