Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dinosaur Train on PBS!

One of the shows that Lil' Buddy loves the most is Dinosaur Train, which airs on PBS. He's a huge fan of all the dinosaurs on the show, especially Buddy, who was adopted by Pteranodons. Their adventures keep Buds attention and he loves the other dinosaurs they get introduced to!!

On the 17th, (tomorrow!!) a new episode of Dinosaur Train will premiere on PBS and it introduces us to another mother dinosaur, Millie Maiasaura, who is a little too overprotective of her little dinosaurs. In the episode, you'll learn that Maiasaura means "good mother lizard" and that they were living in North America during the Cretaceous period. They were duck-billed dinosaurs that lived in large nesting colonies!

Dinosaur Train also has items available at Kohl's, including their new footie pj's!! These pj's are super cute, and feature Buddy the dinosaur. Warm fleece footie pajamas are perfect for these winter months and I know how much my little guy loves his favorite characters on his clothing!!

I received Dinosaur Train pj's free of charge to aid in my post, it in no way changes how we feel about the program or products!!


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