Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Cocktails from Alize

Each year there are countless Halloween parties for the kiddies, but planning something fun for the grown ups is much needed as well! We need a break to goof off, let loose, have conversations that revolve around something other than Dora or Sesame Street. This year, a great addition to the grown up Halloween parties is Alize Liqueur, and the super, new, delicious cocktails that they've come out with for this spooky season!
A couple friends and I tried out the Alize Red Passion, a blend of passion fruit and cranberries, and the Alize Gold Passion, a passion fruit flavor, and mixed up a few cocktails to decide which ones we liked best. Funny that each of us had a different favorite, but we all agreed that all of the recipes absolutely ROCK!

My favorite was the Mad Scientist Sangria, which is one ounce Alize Red Passion, one ounce red wine, and one ounce ginger ale. An orange squeezed in was the perfect garnish! One of my BFF's decided that her favorite was the Vampire Kiss Martini, and easy to make with one and a half ounce Alize Red Passion, one ounce Alize Gold Passion, one ounce vodka and a splash of lemonade.

There are even more great recipes available on the Alize website, where you can find a bunch of other great recipes using the other varieties of Alize as well!

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