Saturday, October 2, 2010

30 Days of Truth. Day 17.

To go along with all this self-support, I've found a few friends participating in the 30 Days of Truth and I think it could be quite beneficial to me to participate as well. I think it'll let me in on who I am, and it'll be a bit of self discovery. You can find the daily questions over at Angel Believes.

Day 17:
A Book You've Read That Has Changed Your Views On Something

I didn't read for many many years, how horrible that sounds. But here's the weird part of this answer, reading the Twilight books changed my views on actually reading!! Ever since I found books that I could become immersed into, I've wanted to read more!! Many thanks to recommendations on books from friends as well, I'm loving the time that I take for myself simply by sitting with a book!


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