Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do your baby formula research, save your money!!

When I was pregnant, I, like many mothers, wanted to be sure that I was doing the best for my child. You don't have to say anything, but I didn't breastfeed. My choice was formula, and I felt like I was making a good decision to choose the pricier brand names of formula for Boug, and then again years later for Lil' Buddy. I would get frustrated that the price differences were sometimes so vast between brands, and no, I never thought it was fair. I didn't think that there should be any discrepincies between brands. I feel like there should be no one who says that their brand is better for babies versus another brand of the same product. There are certain things that can give guilt to parents if they just accept that something is better for their child, and that is something that they can't afford to provide.

So when it comes to light that store brand formulas are equivelent to brand name, and that I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars, its a little frustrating, but nice to know that more people will realize they're still giving their babies what they need when using store brand formulas.

Enfamil's parent company, Mead Johnson, just lost a multi-million dollar court case, because their products are just as good as store brands. It was proven and they lost. In my eyes, its quite heartless to use a parents nature, of wanting to do as much as they can for their kids nutritionally, as a money making ploy. Advertising that store brands aren't as good as their brand is sad, and in a way, I'm happy that they lost and I'm sad that I fed both of my kids their formula. Que Sera Sera... I can't go back now and change it, but I'm happy to be able to pass the info, and my thoughts on it, to more people so that the word gets out about it!!

With all that said, do your homework. Formula is so regulated and regimented that its hard to believe that there is going to be something out there that's inferior. Save yourself money... you'll need it for their college education.

You can read more on the verdict here: PBM News, Mead Johnson Court Case Loss

This post was written in conjunction with MomSelect, I received a gift card in appreciation of sharing my opinion and spreading the word about the outcome of this case.


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