Sunday, December 2, 2012

Creative Holiday Office Party Ideas!! *guest post*

I'll be bringing you some guest posts from the lovely Sierra. This is the first! Hope you enjoy!

Sometimes when work is a little slow and the atmosphere is getting dull at the office during the holidays, it’s time to get some games and activities going to make things a bit more exciting. Not only will approved activities make the time go by more quickly, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to catch up with co-workers and find out what they have planned for the holidays. You may find yourself connecting with someone that you’ve never chatted with before and finding common interests. Making a new friend at the office will be great because you’ll be able to visit with them later when you’re having a slower day at work.

Costume Party
Even though Halloween is over, who says you can’t have a costume party during Christmas too? In fact, utilize supplies that you already have in your office and have a fun create-your-own costume party. Stock up on supplies for the costume party ahead of time from and use raw materials to create your costume, such as garbage bags, aluminum foil and plastic bottles. If you are allowed to come dressed as a superhero or another great character, instead of coming as Santa or Mrs. Clause, be creative and arrive as a super-villain. Your costume doesn’t have to be expensive — use your imagination and have fun showing up in a creative costume that everyone will have fun checking out.

White Elephant Gift Exchange
If you’d really like an entertaining event to take place in your office, plan a white elephant gift exchange. If you’re a manager or have the opportunity to talk to your boss, let them know that you’ll need to tell everyone to bring a gender neutral gift to the party. It’s also important to set a budget so that all of the gifts are around the same price. This will be a great event that not only will create a lot of laughter, but it will also be entertaining to see how everyone responds to the gift “stealing.” At the end of the game it will also be fun to see what everyone ultimately decides to keep — that is if they are given the chance to keep what they actually like.

Movie Party
You never can go wrong with a movie party. They’re cheap and always a lot of fun. Gather everyone that’s at the office in a large conference room and pick out a holiday classic that everyone will enjoy. Don’t forget to purchase a bunch of extra snacks for everyone to munch on and press play. If you have time after the movie, you could also have a mini-trivia game about the actors in the film.

Sierra loves to write and she’s made her hobby a reality by becoming a freelance writer. When she used to work in an office she loved participating and attending fun office parties.


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