Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Almost Naked Animals on DVD!

Sometimes, I honestly don't understand the cartoons that my children love, and "Almost Naked Animals" is one of those that I just have to let them watch on their own. They think its hysterical, but I get lost every time I try and watch it with them. Just in time for Lil' Buddy's birthday, the "Almost Naked Animals" DVD of "Its My Party" arrived and it was like a bonus birthday gift for him! I think he was more excited about that than any of the other gifts from anyone else.

"Almost Naked Animals" is Cartoon Networks top-rated cartoon series for kids 6+. If you're kids watch Cartoon Network, I'm sure they're familiar with the "Almost Naked Animals" gang. They're exactly that, animals that are almost naked, and hang out at Banana Cabana, a beachfront hotel where they live it up!

This DVD will be available on September 25th for you to enjoy your own copy at home, or you can pre-order Almost Naked Animals: It's My Party! On the same date, "Almost Naked Animals" will also be launching a "Super Online Game." Also, you'll be able to shop the Cafe Press/9 Story Entertainment online shop to snag stuff like tee shirts, notebooks and more!


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