Wednesday, August 15, 2012

50 Shades of EdenFantasys...

What was the last big thing to hit the literary world? What got people buzzing about a topic that they wouldn't normally talk about? What was a book that you not only saw twenty-something's reading, but that the grandma sitting next to you on the bus was reading too? None other than the big hit, 50 Shades of Grey. If you've read it, you probably have already conjured up your own Christian Grey in your head, and have somewhat imagined his scenarios with yourself in Anastasia's shoes.

Care to bring 50 Shades into your bedroom? Shopping, you can find so many of the products that Christian and Ana use in their lives, as well as the books too!! If you haven't picked up your own copy, or borrowed from a friend, you can order the books right off of the EdenFantasys website.

Eden carries some of the more milder products that are talked about in the book as well as the more wilder ones. There's something for any type of 50 Shades play that you want to bring into your life. You can even search "50 Shades Inspired" for ideas if you're not sure what type of goodies you're looking for, that way you can see something that might be appealing to you! I personally have my eye on the tantric satin ties whip. ;)

Of course, while spicing your life up, don't forget to check out their points program and especially don't forget to add your free gift to your cart when you're checking out!!


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