Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Personalized kids books from JibJab!

Every year, right around the holidays, the kids and I have serious fun by "elfing" ourselves, courtesy of JibJab. Their programs that allow you to put yourself into fun animations are too cute and ElfYourself has been our favorite for years. Aside from ElfYourself and their Starring You e-cards, they've recently come out with iPad books for children that are able to be personalized with your childs name and face!

JibJab Jr. is a great way to settle down to some quiet time with your little ones, and the kiddos absolutely LOVE seeing their names and faces integrated into the stories being read. The app is free to download from the Apple store and it comes with one book. You're able to purchase additional titles for $7.99 individually or $3.99 with a book of the month plan. Once you own the book, it can be personalized an unlimited number of times!Their books like, "The Biggest Pizza Ever" and "The Alphabet Wrangler" are perfect for kids aged 2-6, and the new book in the bookstore is "Monster Mayhem"- perfect for Halloween reading!

Is JibJab Jr. something you think that your kids would enjoy? Are your kids big fans of stuff personalized with their likeness?


Unknown October 21, 2011 at 2:26 PM  

Thank you for this post! My boys enjoy looking and animations, and love personalized items. I am definitely going to look more into this! I can't wait! I may be more excited about this than my boys might be! :)

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