Monday, August 2, 2010

Listen up Buffalo Wild Wings bigwigs...

Walking into the restaurant I work at this afternoon, I thought it would be just another random day. Yeah, totally wrong. I was immediately informed of the chaos that ensued the night before.

Now because we're open later then all the other restaurants on our strip, quite a few of the other places employees frequent our store. No different Saturday night when Buffalo Wild Wings employees stopped into our store. When they arrived, drinks were ordered and ID's were checked, and they were checked by a store manager as the server due to take the table was busy for the moment. When someone was denied a drink by our store manager because she had an "Under 21" id, even though the birthdate was over 21, the words started flying around.

Now, if you boast about what restaurant you work in, or wherever you work, in this case, Buffalo Wild Wings, you shouldn't act like an ass where we could track you down to remedy the situation. Sitting at your table calling our manager a "bitch, c*nt" and so much more, as well as telling her "I hope you don't have kids because you're a miserable bitch" doesn't make you a great representative for your job.

Now here's the kicker, she sat at this table, spouting her mouth off, with her own GENERAL MANAGER from Buffalo Wild Wings sitting right there. First off, most companies have policies about management fraternizing with employees, ya just don't do it. Secondly, you let your employee sit there and curse and run their mouth, and allow them to bring your stores name into the disgusting crap coming out of their mouth? Where's the professionalism??

I seriously hope that not all of Buffalo Wild Wings stores are run like this, and I hope something is done about it so that the store where these unprofessional, rude, nasty women work, doesn't get away with their actions.

Yes. These women, behaving like teenagers, were booted out of our restaurant, and yes, the cops were called. Nope, they won't be allowed to return. Good riddance.


Kristin August 18, 2010 at 2:21 AM  

That is crazy! Glad they got booted.

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