Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get Sexy Valentine!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but there's still time to get the necessities to get your sexy on this weekend!! Eden Fantasys has FREE UPS 2nd Day shipping on orders of $90 or more, and FREE Next Day shipping on orders of $120 or more!! When adding awesome sex toys, lingerie, and couples products to your cart, its easy to hit those price markers to get your free shipping and get your goodies in time for Valentine's weekend!!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

In order to pick out perfect pairings for Valentine's Day, EdenFantasys.com has made it VERY easy with their Valentine's Day Playbook. You can browse awesome selections that are perfect for setting the mood, like a sensual bath and massage, or a sexy night out. I love the items they have easily chosen for better sex made simple. I love items like the mini try-angle cushion that reduces stress on the back and gives better positioning in the sack!

Another way that EF is celebrating Valentine's Day is by giving away a FREE toy each day til Valentine's on orders of $70 or more! The special gift for February 13th is a super cute engagement finger ring bullet!! For orders placed on Valentine's Day, the freebie is the glass hearts wand! Sooo perfect for Valentine's! Kudos to EF for having perfect fits for this holiday!!

On my personal Valentine's Day wishlist? The super festive lace corset with ruffled top! How perfect for Valentine's Day is that?!?! And of course, like I always say, don't forget to add your free gift to your order!! The choices are a vibrating ring or the EF toy and body wipes, I ALWAYS go for the wipes! They're absolutely AWESOME!!

Some great EF coupon codes that you can use--
15% off-- X4T (no expiration date)
25% off-- HOT4YOU (exp. 2/15, 3:00 pm est)


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